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Lucious "Jelani" Harris

Tracking Engineer | Mixing EngineerMusic Producer 

Lucious “Jelani” Harris is a well-known and highly respected artist and entrepreneur within the music industry. A Texas native currently residing in Columbia, South Carolina, Jelani has traveled the world, expanding upon his musical influences. It is producers like Eazy Mo B, Dr. Dre and The Bomb Squad that Jelani identifies with the most. DJs Premier, Marley Marl, Magic Mike, Grand Master Flash, Red Alert, Jazzy Jay and Audio Engineers Friedemann Tischmeyer  and David Pensado  left their marks as well.

By the time he graduated from Richland Northeast High School (Columbia, SC) in 1987, Jelani had over three years of experience as a local DJ and producer. Shortly after graduating from Stratford College (Hilton Head, SC) he attended The Atlanta College of Art (Atlanta, GA) signed a record deal with Mass Appeal Records as a producer. While in Atlanta, he continued studies of media arts and used that knowledge to establish Militant Music Productions. After relocating back to Columbia, SC, Jelani expanded upon his production company with recording label Militant Muzic Group (2006). It was around the same time that he became a founding member and co-owner of Quantum Beats Recording Studio (Columbia, SC). He along with partners Arieas “AJ” Lee and Aaron Johnson lead the region turning out a full arsenal of productions and establishing themselves as the Carolina’s top award winning recording studio.

He has worked with independent artists throughout the country; especially through the East Coast.  Now recognized by KRS 1 as a member of the organization The Temple of Hip Hop, Jelani continues to assist local artists in establishing their sound. He recognizes that change and a variety of skills are essential to having a successful career in the music industry.

In 2012, Jelani parted ways with Quantum Beats to establish Studio 23 with a new vision. Studio 23 focuses on providing top quality professional services to recording artists of all genres and levels of experience. They are fully functioning; offering artist development, music production, tracking, mixing and mastering services. 

In 2019, Jelani became a Member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES)  

As of today, Jelani has recorded over 1000 songs., several radio commercials including a quarter 2 Metro by T- Mobile radio commercial in the summer of 2019, produced & engineered 40 Albums, 41 Singles, 7 EPs, 6 Mix Tapes, 6 Indie Film Scores and 2 Theatrical Scores.

Jelani promises he will continue to expand and diversify studio services according to the wishes of each customer and with his profound experience, well, he can only out do himself.

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