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Lucious "Jelani" Harris

Grammy Nominated Engineer | Music Producer | Audio Post Production | Artist Development Consultant | Mentor  

Lucious “Jelani” Harris is a highly respected and renowned international music producer, mentor, and a 2023 Grammy-nominated engineer. He has earned accolades for his works on Hank Bilal’s “Keep Holding On” featuring Gerald Albright, which is nominated for the Best Improvised Jazz Solo category. With his exceptional skills and expertise, Jelani has established himself as a sought-after music producer and engineer in the music industry.


Originally from Texas, Jelani now resides in Columbia, South Carolina, where he has been instrumental in mentoring and working with independent artists from across the globe. He draws inspiration from prominent producers such as Eazy Mo B, Dr. Dre, and The Bomb Squad, while DJs Premier, Marley Marl, Magic Mike, GrandMaster Flash, Red Alert, Jazzy Jay, and audio engineers Friedemann Tischmeyer and David Pensado have also influenced his musical journey.


Jelani's passion for music began at an early age, and he had over three years of experience as a local DJ and producer even before graduating from Richland Northeast High School in Columbia, SC in 1987. After graduating from Stratford College in Hilton Head, SC, he attended The Atlanta College of Art, where he signed a record deal with Mass Appeal Records as a producer. While in Atlanta, he continued to expand his knowledge of media arts, which he later utilized to establish Militant Music Productions. Upon relocating back to Columbia, SC, Jelani expanded his production company by launching the recording label Militant Muzic Group in 2006. Along with partners Arieas “AJ” Lee and Aaron Johnson, he also co-founded Quantum Beats Recording Studio, which quickly established itself as the top award-winning recording studio in the Carolina region.


In 2012, Jelani parted ways with Quantum Beats to establish Studio 23 Music Group with a new vision. Studio 23 provides professional services to filmmakers and recording artists of all genres and levels of experience. They offer artist development, music production, tracking, mixing and mastering services, audio post-production, foley, sound effect design, audio restoration, mixing of soundtrack and score music, ADR, and everything needed to polish the audio recording of a film.


Jelani is a member of various organizations, including The Temple of Hip Hop (KRS 1 Organization), Audio Engineering Society (AES Carolina Section), Recording Academy (Atlanta Chapter), Grammy U (Mentor), KRE8ivU Multimedia Academy, and R.I.C.H. LEGACY INSTITUTE, among others. He is also a Mixing & Mastering Engineer certified by The Mastering Academy, under Mastering Engineer Friedemann Tischmeyer. Jelani is the chairman of the Education Committee and a Technology and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee member of AES Carolina Section. He is also a voting member of the Recording Academy's Atlanta Chapter and a District Advocate.


Jelani has an impressive discography, having recorded over a thousand songs, several radio commercials, three audiobooks, 49 albums, 68 singles, 15 EPs, 5 mixtapes, 12 indie films, and two theatrical scores. With his profound experience, Jelani promises to continue expanding and diversifying his studio services to meet the unique needs of each customer. Discography


In summary, Jelani Harris is a highly talented and acclaimed music producer and mentor, whose expertise has earned him numerous accolades in the music industry. He continues to inspire and mentor independent artists, while also providing top-quality professional services to filmmakers and recording artists. 

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